Blessed Rain

An unexpected rainstorm dumped a half inch of rain on our place… has it been over a week ago?! This was the storm whose violent lightning shut down our internet for five days. It also blew out the control box for our electric livestock fencing. Powerful. But all too short.

Afterward, it looked like a different world outside, with the dust washed away and the sky still half grey. I stole a minute to play.

The sparkles of sun on the raindrops were captured the same way as Christmas light sparkles: by closing down the aperture. These were taken at apertures between f/9 to f/18.

I need more practice. We need more rain.

The fields and livestock could use it, too.

Seriously, the drought is taking quite a toll. We pray for rain.

4 Responses to “Blessed Rain”
  1. Emily says:

    amazing. just amazing!! you’ll have to teach me how to get those cool sparkles!

  2. I suffer such pangs of envy at your beautiful photos. Someday I would like to learn how to work a camera properly. Not just the point and click kind either. Beautiful post.

    • Deborah.J says:

      Kristen, I suffer pangs of envy at your informative blog posts! Two years ago I had no idea how to work my camera. Emily (who commented above) helped push me to shoot in manual mode. My first few months in manual were completely horrible. Little by little, the pictures got better. There’s still so much more I’d like to learn. If I can do it, you definitely can!

      • I’d love some pointers. Did you use any online resources that you might care to share? Websites or blogs focused on beginners that you might care to share, that sort of thing? The whole thing seems so overwhelming to me but I bet it would be fun once I got over my original apprehension.

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