Camping Out with Kids: Bring Wipes

Camping in the back orchard with four young kids means…

… letting our oldest son be a big kid by getting the bonfire started (with the garden hose ready and mom trying not to hover)

camp out 1 starting fire

… lots of dancing and yelling around the flames when the roasting sticks are produced (and mom trying not to hover)

camp out 2 yelling at fire

… turning normally-repulsive (to me) foods into flame-charred delicacies

camp out eating hot dogs

camp out 5 eating hot dog

… suddenly seeing, now that we have a chance to sit down, that some of our kids look older than they did the last time we really saw them (and mom trying not to hover)

camp out 7 girls sitting on logs

… then remembering how little they still are when they complain that “it’s cold” and we tell them to scoot closer to the fire — “but the fire’s hot!”

… staring at the mesmerizing flames

camp out 8b hot dogs

(dude has just been filled with the Holy Spirit…)

camp out 4 holy spirit fire

camp out 3 roasting hot dogs

… realizing, in the middle of eating s’mores, that wipes would have been nice

camp out 8 eating smores

… peeling ourselves away from the warm fire for a drive up to the house, because we’re not prepared to teach four little kids how to rinse their toothbrushes with bottled water (or to wipe… but you get the idea)

… hearing four (maybe five) screams of exhilaration as dad races the open Gator through the biting cold

… putting kids to bed immediately upon returning, because they’re that excited about sleeping bags

camp out 10b sleeping bags

… learning, three minutes later, that we won’t get the campfire to ourselves after all, because sleeping bags have limited novelty (to them, at least…)

camp out 11 beer

… telling the kids things we wouldn’t talk about during normal bedtime stories, like the reason King Saul went into the cave where David was camping out (never mind that the point of that story was how David showed respect for the anointed king…)

camp out 9 boys laughing

… listening to a 7-year-old’s version of a “scary campfire story”

… hearing dad completely freak the kids out with an impromptu tale about a black panther with glowing yellow eyes

camp out 10 boy roasting marshmallow

… putting the kids to bed for real this time

… feeling only slightly guilty that my husband let me have our sub-zero sleeping bag, and gratefully zipping it around myself like a blue cocoon

… wishing we had a double cocoon

… waking up every single time the “guard geese” might have detected movement within a one-mile radius

… crawling out of the cocoon in the morning feeling more like a moth than a butterfly

camp out 16 site

… getting frost all over my fingers while unzipping the tent

camp out 13 frost on tent

… glaring at the guard geese on the drive back up to the house
(that should teach them!)

camp out 15 guard geese

… serving hot cider to a pack of happy kids

camp out 14 cider

… hoping we get to do this again before the weather turns colder and the kids turn older

camp out 20 empty camp site

Happy October!

6 Responses to “Camping Out with Kids: Bring Wipes”
  1. Reva says:

    I absolutely love everything about this post. Do more of these – you will never regret the time spent this way. The days are fleeting.

    • mulberrytreehouse says:

      I appreciate your wisdom, Reva! Childhood really does go by so fast, and then it’s gone.

  2. Courtney says:

    Beautiful post as always! We are still sweating in 80+ degree weather here in Georgia land, but it looks fall may be heading our way soon. It looks like you made some amazing memories. We love camping with Brody, but we are not brave enough to take Adley yet!

    • mulberrytreehouse says:

      That would be perfect camping weather for me!! 🙂 It has only been recently that we’re brave enough to camp with our kids — and only when we can get back to the house easily! They’ll be ready for “real” camping soon enough.

  3. Hillary says:

    Love, Love the picture with the red cup!

  4. Emily says:

    AWESOME and what great family memories!!!! 🙂

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