Another Man's Treasure

This past Friday, my in-laws arrived from Colorado. They planned to close on their new house in Kansas at noon. Unfortunately, the bank didn’t have all the paperwork processed, and the closing was delayed until Monday… and then until Tuesday.

I started to head to town for food for our weekend guests, when my husband went to the freezer and pulled out that vat of chili from this post. Oh… my.

Remember that? We’d hauled bags of dry beans from house to house, and my husband finally decided to use them up. He didn’t want to haul them through yet another move. Throwing food away goes against his nature.

Then we froze most of the chili and hauled it in the freezer to this house. Makes sense, right?

Thankfully, we had other food available this past weekend. Some of us (me) wouldn’t touch the chili. My husband’s 15-year-old brother loved it, though! He really made me happy by eating up a good portion of the chili.

After the closing went through on Tuesday, I brought over a container of leftover chili, with sour cream, cheese, and crackers. My brother-in-law’s eyes lit up like Christmas. I love that kid. 🙂

Throughout much of the weekend, my father-in-law had his wheelchair positioned to look out the window at our house. He passed the time checking his iPhone, praying for Egypt, and desperately wishing he could help his wife.

Then, at one point, he said, “Look, a deer!”

I don’t get terribly excited about deer necessarily, but I was excited to share this shot with my husband:

buck antlers running

See the deer back there? It’s a happy Thanksgiving for the horses.

Yes, the shot is blurry. And yes, I told my husband how much better it could have looked with a better lens. He laughed (we need hundreds of other things before we need lenses)… and then he showed the picture around to his office plus a few visitors.

My father-in-law asked if he should let me know if he saw any other wildlife so I could “shoot” it. My eyes lit up like Christmas… It’s nice when someone understands me!

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the small things that people treasure – and I’m thankful that it’s not the same for each of us.

I hope you have a Thanksgiving full of your kind of treasures, too.

4 Responses to “Another Man's Treasure”
  1. Mom says:

    I love the picture with that amazing buck in it! And I like the picture with the deer and the horses, too.

  2. Emily says:

    I love it. The sentiment and the picture!

  3. reva says:

    This is an amazing picture – I’m so excited I was able to get on your blog again. It’s been months since I could.

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