Learning to Receive

I introduced one of my husband’s younger sisters a week or so ago. We don’t know how long she’ll stay with us, but we’re glad for whatever time we have.

One time, shortly after she came, she said, “Debbie, I don’t know how you handle all these little kids without help.” I don’t know, either.

She’s really good with our kids, fixing them sandwiches, motivating them to pick up toys, and tolerating their constant requests. She’s really good at loading the dishwasher in the mornings, too, and I’ve never asked her to do it. She wants to help.

Having her here has made me realize something: It’s much easier to understand receiving after choosing to give.

Maybe that’s why people have kids. I give and give to them. They have so little to give in return, but I’d still give even more… everything…

even on days when they act entitled (not that it’s not frustrating or difficult sometimes).

It helps me understand how God could give and give to us, when we didn’t even like God.

I can’t understand how God could hand over his son to us, but he had it planned from the beginning. God split his own nature, like the covenant sacrifices were split in pieces, and he became the permanent sacrifice.

It’s not easy for me to receive help from anyone (see the Five Love Languages post, where I scored zero on acts of service). It’s humbling when my sister-in-law washes yesterday’s dishes. I’d rather clean things up for myself. She’s ok, though – I know we’re giving to her, and it makes it easier to receive from her, too.

In the middle of our different forms of chaos, it seems like we both understand a little more of what it means to receive from God. There should be no hesitation in accepting the service of someone who became a humble, poor wanderer so we would receive his help.

Freely you have received; freely give. Matthew 10:8

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  1. Mom says:

    How often I get a new insight from you! I knew about splitting the covenant sacrifices, but never connected it to God’s splitting His nature. I always wonder: how much more is there — things I know, but have no insight in to?
    On another note — I know the twins are close, but look at your son’s hand in the second picture. He’s right there with her. (unless his fingernails are painted, too!)

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