A Boy in the Tulip Patch

One evening last November, my husband and I shivered in the cold and in the glow of truck headlights as we caught up on the overdue task of planting bulbs. Bulb planting is an exercise in delayed gratification.

This spring, it was worth it.

It probably would have been worth it to trim the grass around the edges of the bed, too… but then, of course, it would just grow back. 😉

The toddler loves the tulips. He pulls their petals off ever so tenderly, saying, “Beau-ful!!!” Here he is, reseeding the dandelion patch:

For all the trouble he causes, he’s a cute one.

The mundane cleaning up of spilled milk and the laundry hamster wheel are a little more bearable when he produces his special smile intended solely for the camera:

God did his work and then said it was good. There are brief moments when I feel that way, too.

4 Responses to “A Boy in the Tulip Patch”
  1. Krista says:

    Beautiful, Debbie!! :)))

  2. Mom says:

    I called your brother-in-law in here, saying, “C’mere! You think you can look at this (last) picture without smiling?” “Probably,” he replied, as he came in. He didn’t make it!!!
    Your pictures are amazing.

  3. Emily says:

    what gorgeous pictures! and he is SO cute!!

  4. Nina Holmes says:

    I enjoy bulb planting to exercise delayed gratification, too. Your little boy is so cute. No matter how troublesome they are, toddlers are still so lovable.

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