Water Off a Duck’s Back: How Forgiveness Protects Me

duck mallard wings over white duck

The day after my birthday, I woke up abruptly around 3am: “Forgive.” I was hoping to go back to sleep and let these “random synapses” pick a different word. Like, maybe “rest,” God? “Rest” is a nice word at 3am. That didn’t happen, so I was left with “forgive” rolling around in my head, at 3am. “Let offenses... Read More

The Best of Resolutions in the “Worst” of Times

dusting of snow

Yesterday my husband and I woke, weak and bleary-eyed, to a dusting of snow that had settled over our house, like a halfheartedly apologetic attempt to cover the events of the day before. The day before, a virus from the underbelly of hell had knocked us on our backsides, wrenching our insides to the outside. I can’t remember ever being so violently ill before. When I ventured... Read More