If at First You Don’t Succeed, Add an Engine

airplane 3a sunset

Almost at the end of our long drive home, the kids shrieked over two small airplanes descending across the highway… not that I would ever take pictures while driving… On a whim, we followed them to their hangar and then whipped around to Stearman Field, hoping to catch a couple planes making their last few flights before the weather turned bad. Among the airplane... Read More

Photo Fall-Back


I have a zillion posts planned, but I seem to have a case of writer’s block after the star poem. There is forever a pull toward the status quo… Plus, I’ve been dealing with things like this: That was sour cream, intended for Thanksgiving Day mashed potatoes. How was your Thanksgiving?! It seems like I just posted a similar picture on my facebook page a couple... Read More

A Visit to a Local Farm

We spent a day at a local organic farm recently. There were games on the lawn… a hay rack ride… (Click here to read more or leave a comment on A Visit to a...)  Read More

Bwekfast Turtle

Once or twice a month, the kids and I try to make a trip to our county zoo. Going that often is a very different experience from the trips we used to take in grade school every May. For one thing, I don’t have to worry about where to sit on the bus. My seat is pretty much assigned these days. The biggest advantage is that we get to know the animals better. The elephants are... Read More

Sunshiny Smiles From the Zoo

I’m moving on from the Friday series of posts (at least for now, in this venue). Too dark! I felt like I was reliving it all over again. I’m unspeakably grateful for family and friends who prayed us right on through those years. Some sunshiny smiles are in order… The kids and I went to the zoo last week for the first time since we moved. It was swelteringly hot,... Read More

Embracing January: Bear Hunting


Last Thursday, my younger sister called for mutual motivation to get our houses clean. We enthusiastically made our lists (I ignored the fact that I have four children under age four, which often renders list-making a ridiculous exercise), and we started wrapping up the phone call. I haven’t been so pumped up to scrub bathrooms in a good long time. Any mother of young children... Read More

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