Welcome, Baby Gerber!


Annie and Drew’s baby was born late Wednesday afternoon! They’ve taken dozens of fantastic pictures already. I’m sure they’ll post them after they’re settled in. Some are up on facebook now. My husband and kids and I visited late Wednesday evening and tried to get some pictures in the dim hospital light. My new nephew is a perfect, sweet, healthy baby,... Read More

Making Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade with Kids


This year my kids will be old enough for some of the activities that summertime allows. The thought of having soft green grass as a backdrop – in just a few more weeks! – makes me want even more to start blowing bubbles and collecting sand castle forms. This past week we had a little free time, plus eight lemons that had been sitting in my crisper drawer. The lemons... Read More

The Winter Gardener


I am beyond thrilled to introduce my brilliant younger sister for a new series of blog posts! We may have to come up with a new blog name… Any ideas?? We have reached new heights of winter denial. My sister (following more than one family tradition) is writing about gardening, and I am typing her words as a four-foot drift continues to grow outside my back door. I think... Read More

Surviving January: Beach Getaway!

beach dreams

Welcome to our Beach in January! Come plant your feet in the sand… happy toes kick back with a piña colada… (er, popsicle)… beach photoshoppage and relax in our castle in the sun! the stage is set I was so grateful last week for every comment from people who cheered me up, cracked me up, and couldn’t stop short of showing me up! 🙂 So many people said... Read More

Sun Flare

wrapped in rays of sun

On my photography wish list is a lens hood. I’m getting better at recognizing lens flare (those green or yellow spots that show up on the photo when the camera is pointed toward the sun) so I can shade the lens with my hand before snapping the picture. But sometimes, I like having the sun in the shot! I’m still waiting for that perfect photo with the line of lens flare... Read More

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