Favorite Sites

These are sites I’d like to follow in that elusive “spare time” people speak of…

Encourage these writers with me? We all need a kind word.

Sites I Love

The Gospel Coalition. Christ-devoted, intelligent, creative, artsy writing by various contributors:

The Elliott Homestead. This bold woman writes about faith, farming, and farm food. Beautiful photography. I found her through her cookbook. She challenges and inspires me:

Sabra Penley. This writer has encouraged me in a specific, profound way. The seeds of blogland friendship are here:

Simply One in Marriage. This is the above author’s marriage site, which I recently discovered:

Momsie Blog. A woman from my childhood church (where my parents still attend) writes funny, encouraging posts about motherhood:

Useful Breath. This pastor in MN posts short devotions every day, based on a Bible reading schedule. Brief, consistent, and encouraging:

Close to Home. This is a Catholic writer. I’m not Catholic, but I enjoy her beautiful daily photographs and contemplative quotes:

Proverbs 31. Daily devotions from contributing Christian women writers:

Kaitlyn Bouchillon. A recent find, a young Christian woman. Deep, thoughtful, unaffected writing style:

My Incredible Family. A very dear online friend (until we manage to close the gap in the map and become real-life friends). Site is currently password protected.

Recent Finds to Explore Soon:

Servant’s Life. I’ve been following this blog for a little while. Inspirational writer:

Meredith Bernard. Beautiful photography, inspirational writing:

Nicole Unice. I found this one recently through a good friend’s blog. Great inspirational writing:

Incourage. A community of Christian women writers:

A few other new finds:

Amy Dalke

Jen Wilkin

Echoes of My Heart

Pensieve. A Christian writer I used to follow and want to catch up with:

Friends and Family

Cousins raising their baby:

A friend’s reflections on life and her walk with God: Many Simple Gifts

Less Active Sites:

A friend’s spiritual journey after a major family event:

Trail of Truth

A friend’s memorial blog and ministry for her son who was born to heaven:

Caden’s Cubs

A fellow Christian doctor’s wife who is familiar with country life:

Unconventional Doctor’s Wife

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    Thanks so much for including my site! 🙂

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