Windows of the Soul

Last week I was away from home, house-hunting. I have a bit of catching up to do and some thoughts to record, so you get two posts from me this week (second post is coming). Thanks, as always, for reading… I live among scrub oak, short pines, and rock on the side of a mountain at 7250 feet. I know that the people who have lived here all their lives couldn’t be torn away from it kicking and screaming. I also know you’re supposed... Read More

A Hike Through Sonoran Desert Flowers

Missed you all the last couple of weeks! Our family has been on vacation, and away from cell phones and computers, so I’ve had no contact at all with the blog. We live right by a mountain park in Phoenix, and I regularly hike the trails there. This is supposed to be wildflower season for us, and I thought I’d take my camera out and get a bunch of pictures. But with very little rainfall this winter–even by our desert standards–only... Read More

Still Playing Dress-Up

Last week I ran across a post about a mom’s old flute that she played in high school and early college. She was saving it for her daughters to play, and she decided to photograph the memory. I felt like I could have written the post… minus the truly breath-taking photographs. And the band director parent. But wow, did it send me back through some memories… all the different hats I tried on… Elements by Catherine Designs the... Read More

Her First Haircut is DIY

The other day I was busy getting ready for a trip into town, and the kids were occupying themselves nicely and being quiet. They were being very, very quiet. It was one of those “I know something’s going on, but I just want a moment of peace” times. My younger daughter has never had her hair cut. I think she’s simply gorgeous, and I was beginning to develop sentimental attachments to her uncut hair. Similar to Samson and his... Read More

Seedlings at the Kitchen Table

I planned, prepared, and sat down to write my blog this week. I was ready to start the post with something along the lines of “Directions on How and When to Plant Indoor Seedlings.” It was designed to impart to my readers my vast (ha!) knowledge of the varying qualities of potting soils, proper moisture for germination, and even a few invaluable tips on window placement and transplanting. However, as I glanced through my carefully chosen, sequential... Read More

Finding Life

My older sister and I have talked at random in the past several years about starting a blog together. I ended up starting this one last year, just to learn a new hobby and deal with the isolation of mountain life and early motherhood. It was only a matter of time, though, before I called and begged, “Um, Julie, is it time now?” Julie cuts straight to the heart of a matter – be prepared! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, read her story,... Read More

Organization Inspiration

Last week I took the older three to their regular gymnastics class. The other moms there – really wonderful people – are very generous to me in providing mommy advice! I’ve wondered if it had to do with my son arriving in mismatched socks… balancing act One of the tips this time (solicited advice, to be fair 🙂 ) was to go visit the Learning Is Fun store. We hit the store immediately after gymnastics, and oh, it was wonderful.... Read More

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