Mother’s Day for Mama Mabel

The calf from last week’s post is still alive, but not without a good deal of blood, sweat, tears, and vet expenses. “He’s a dandy,” an old cattle rancher told us. Translation: he’s a big, fine-looking calf. But he wouldn’t nurse. We don’t know why. He was separated from his mother for a short time. Maybe he couldn’t nurse, or maybe he was traumatized. Then his mother, in pain, wouldn’t let... Read More

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day… …to our softball playing, tea party throwing, chick flick loving, dirt digging, soul delving, grandkid chasing, wise Mom. … and to our mothers-in-law. Thank you for persevering, inspiring, and giving so much. We love and trust the sons you’ve raised – enough to want to share the rest of our lives with them. Is it jumping the gun to say happy first Mother’s Day to Annie?! I... Read More

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