Infertility: Dr. Debbie versus the Rhinosaurs

After I gave up on purely spiritual and/or natural remedies for infertility, I decided to pursue medical treatment with greater dedication. My husband was still in medical school, and we barely knew the treatments for anemia versus hyperprolactinemia. Still leaning toward the natural/spiritual side, I picked a doctor who, unfortunately, was not exceptionally competent. It took only skimming a medical text to see that: (Click here to read more or... Read More

Infertility Post Four: Losing Control

If I had known from the beginning how long we’d deal with infertility, I might have made a conscious decision (Click here to read more or leave a comment on Infertility Post Four: Losing...)  Read More

Infertility Post One: Something Completely Different

In the next several weeks, I’ll be putting up a series of ten blog posts telling my nearly seven-year infertility story. These are written from a Christian perspective, and from a non-medical perspective. God frequently has a different plan in mind than the one we imagined. I had been considering giving up the blog, and I prayed about it, expecting God to say, “Yes, give it up.” Instead, I felt prompted to write some new things... Read More

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