My Own Personal Lorica: Verses for Meditation

Around St. Patrick’s Day, I discovered Loricas — prayers chanted for protection. Literally, “lorica” means “armor” or “breastplate.”

St. Patrick had enemies — druid priests — who probably placed curses on him and wanted to kill or enslave him. Hence, the need for protection!

(If you missed it, here was my St. Patrick’s post on the Letters From the Loft Facebook page.

My worst enemies are the lies I believe, and I have plenty of chinks in that armor.

Below is a Lorica I wrote for myself — verses for meditation, for my mind’s protection.

I didn’t set out for this to rhyme, but it sort of loosely emerged that way…

which led to the completely random addition of the line about rum… 🙂

The Lorica of Deborah

Awake, awake, Deborah!
Awake, awake, break out in a song!

(Judges 5:12)

Let my mistakes be transferred to You.
Let Your clean record be transferred to me.
Let me abide and bear good fruit.
Let Your Word be more treasured than food.
Let me delight and wait calmly;
Let me trust and not worry.
Let me see what You planned for today;
Let me view it as preordained.
Let me know You are Jealous for me.
Let me be disentangled and free.
Let me stop fearing man, who is made.
Let me remember the price You paid.
Let me wear strength and dignity.
Let me reflect love and mercy.
Let my words be gracious and sweet.
Let me build up according to needs.
Let my glory be the radiance of seeking Your face.
Let my husband be respected in the city gates.
Let me wash the feet of the saints.
Let me care for the least in Your name.
Let me follow the One who leads those who have young.
Let the law of kindness rule my tongue.
Let me laugh, prepared for the days to come.
Let me never be drunk with too much rum!
Let me choose work instead of mere talk.
Let the cloud of witnesses approve my walk.
Let my thoughts be captive to You.
Let me be captivated — consumed.

I don’t have my Lorica memorized yet, but I’ve read it countless times, deflecting lies.

(If you’re interested in all the Scriptures that go with each line, here they are in a pdf.)

“I will not neglect your word…
My soul is consumed with longing
for your laws at all times…
preserve my life according to your word…
strengthen me according to your word…
do not let me be put to shame.”

(Psalm 119:16, 20, 25, 28, 31)

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  1. Judy says:

    Beautiful, Debbie. What a wonderful thing to keep bringing to mind. Truly both a sword and a shield. I can’t imagine that roaring lion wanting to continue to mess with you, if it drives you to this.

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