An Aunt's Duty

This is Debbie posting this Saturday.

It is a well-known fact that part of one’s duty in becoming an aunt is to take lots of photos of nieces and nephews! This also applies to grandparents and, I’m sure, many other relationships. Proper etiquette in this area can be a little confusing. 😉 But I figure if I stay behind the camera and take lots of pictures, I’ll do fine!

This is a great week to test my “auntliness.” Julie is taking a brief break from blogging, so I’m filling in with a few photos I’ve taken of her kids the last few years. These kids are wonderfully photogenic, so browsing through my past files was fun!

Her oldest son is quite the acrobat.

Peace out, dude!

Aaah! Face full of ice cream! (Do you like how the camera focused on the flowers instead of on his face? That was before I learned how to manually select autofocus points. Now I’ve learned, and there’s no going back.)

This girl is a real sweetie, with or without a bite of ice cream in her mouth. Don’t you love those brown eyes? She’s wonderful at keeping my little ones entertained, too.

At the park:

I’m not sure Julie’s middle son can get any cuter. (He’ll love me for saying that. It’s part of what an aunt does.)

The youngest, emerging from a pile of tires at the park:

Julie’s youngest is exactly a year older than my oldest. I suspect they’ll have some fun times together, don’t you think?

How many cousins does it take to sink a tire swing?

Apparently it takes a few more cousins than that. We were missing one nephew, plus baby Gerber (due this summer) and the latest model in my family, so we’ll have to give this another try next year.

Julie, I think your kids might rather have you post about them, so we’ll all look forward to your posts again before long. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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  1. Emily says:

    awww, great pictures!! Looks like they have so much fun together!

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