Camping Out with Kids: Bring Wipes

Camping in the back orchard with four young kids means… … letting our oldest son be a big kid by getting the bonfire started (with the garden hose ready and mom trying not to hover) … lots of dancing and yelling around the flames when the roasting sticks are produced (and mom trying not to hover) … turning normally-repulsive (to me) foods into flame-charred delicacies … suddenly seeing, now that we have a chance to... Read More

How Wild Horses Dragged Us Together

Recently my husband and I had a bummer of a few days. We really needed an evening at home together. A night finally freed up for my husband… but then of course, I couldn’t be there. I had to take the older two kids to a class. I was just pulling out of the driveway when our horses escaped the paddock. With a fall nip in the air and some sprinkling rain, all five horses were in high spirits. They raced across the front field, galloped down... Read More

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