Signs of Fruitfulness

blog wild blackberry leaves

I kissed my husband goodbye before he drove away to work a couple Mondays ago. I’ve heard somewhere that this will prolong his life. Or maybe it only prolongs his departure. Either way, he didn’t seem to mind. Before he reluctantly drove off, he asked, “Did you get pictures of the blueberry blossoms over the weekend?” As much as photography consumes my... Read More

Skipping Church

ice storm 19 pointed to barn

I took a series of photos this morning… Post-Thanksgiving unwinding… I’m naming it: “Justifying Skipping Church” The number of photos is directly proportional to the level of guilt. 😉 “Hello Winter” “With a Bow on Top” “Tinsel” “Sideways Tree in a Gale Storm” “Tree with Hay Bales” “You... Read More

Sweet Potato Haul

potatoes 2 in back of jeep

“Hey, you have to come outside and see this!” my husband burst through the phone from 30 yards away. Last spring, he happened to see sweet potato slips at a feed store. He planted 20 of them (roots with a little bit of leaf), right next to the tiny, spring version of the annual fall tomato jungle. Sixteen of the 20 plants came up. We ignored them until after the first... Read More

Asking God the Big, Scary Questions (Waiting on an Answer)

3 double rainbow in contrast clouds

Something happened yesterday morning that made my skin prickle… Over the years, there have been two key times when I’ve asked God a Big Question (unless you also count the years I kept asking Him, “Will I ever get to be a mom?”). The Big Questions were: – God, do You exist? and – God, how can anyone logically believe that a man rose from the... Read More

Scripture Art Journaling: I Am With You

art journal 2 page

Scripture art journaling has become my most recent adventure. It intrigues me for its possibilities in mixing multiple art forms. I’ve never been able to draw or paint well, but I still enjoy trying every once in a while… even though at one point in this process, I was pretty sure I had just painted a maple leaf next to a group of ghost people with oversized gourds... Read More

Three Sheets to the Wind: Cognitive Flexibility and Self-Control

I’ve been having nightmares recently. Mercifully, I haven’t remembered what they’re about — but something in my subconscious must be working through a mysterious source of unhappiness. After last night’s nightmare, I fell back to sleep and dreamed about a sailboat with its rigging fixed in place. The ropes (“sheets”) that are attached to... Read More

Leaving My Childhood Church

church palm branch fight slide

I loaded the kids into the van early yesterday morning… Got to my childhood church to attend 8am service. I think I teethed on the backs of the pews below… Folded myself up in the squeaky balcony chairs… Got married there, too, on beautiful steps that my dad built and gave to the church for weddings. I attended 8th grade Sunday School in the little room that... Read More

Pure Valentine Sweetness

lollipop 3 girls big eyes

After our bizarre experience last week, our family has been set on our feet again. My kids are more aware now that “bad” people exist — people who are inexplicably mixed up, selfish, and twisted. That was just a stranger, though… The capacity to inflict much deeper hurt lurks inside even the “best” of us, even when our intentions are only to... Read More