How We Became Backyard Beekeepers

A huge box arrived on our doorstep one day last winter. The boys tore open the box and spread pieces of wood all over the living room floor. And so began our adventures with beekeeping… including me getting stung by a bee for the first time since childhood! (That story mid-way down…) Part 1: The Hiving of the Bees My husband built several hives. Then he ordered our... Read More

Puppy vs. Kitten

Meet Casper – as in, Casper, the Friendly Ghost. This is Casper, the Friendly Puppy. Casper is staying with us for a couple months for training. We think he (Click here to read more or leave a comment on Puppy vs. Kitten)  Read More

Veggie Smoothies + Puppy Training = One Crazy Family

Wow, it’s been days since I posted. So much for posting every day in January! In my defense, we are training a puppy for a couple months for someone. The yelpyelpyelpyelpyelpyelpyelping has made it harder than normal to string two thoughts together. I’ll be back soon. Cheers!  Read More

Who Can Refuse a Kitten?

My daughter finally got her long-awaited kittens: I mentioned almost a year ago that I’m not a cat person. But a couple months ago, our very nice neighbor walked over to our house and said, “These poor kittens will be given away at a fair tomorrow unless you take some of them tonight… and by the way, this kitten is my favorite ever…” And I couldn’t... Read More

Catch-Up List

A quick catch-up list: 1. We had our first snow of the season Tuesday evening. (Click here to read more or leave a comment on Catch-Up List)  Read More

Fish Faces

(Fair warning: If you’re squeamish, you might skip this post. It’s for my teenage brother-in-law. And for his pet carp, may he rest in peace. 🙂 ) My in-laws came for a visit last week. I’ve explained some of their story in a previous post. It poured rain the entire weekend of their visit. Two of my husband’s younger brothers came along, as well as the... Read More

Zipping By

This has been such a busy week, and Wednesday has already come – the day I would normally post on my blog. I haven’t had time for cooking adventures or for processing pictures this week. Instead, today I’m leaving a post that I wrote a few weeks ago. (Click here to read more or leave a comment on Zipping By)  Read More

New Home: The Place of Perfect Marital Bliss

My husband and I have spent hours daydreaming together about our perfect home. These have been fun times for us (the dreaming part of it, not the hard years). I feel a little foolish admitting this, but I was a tiny bit worried that after we moved to our permanent place, we wouldn’t have anything to dream together about anymore. Haha! There was no need for concern! (Click... Read More

The Farrier's Visit

Monday evening a farrier came to our house. (Update: I found out on his next visit that he is not, in fact, a farrier. A farrier trims hooves for the purpose of affixing shoes. This guy is a barefoot hoof trimmer. It’s a different style, intended to make the hoof flat against the ground and to help the hoof become calloused, similar to wild horse hooves. I’ve changed... Read More

Lowly Worms

1blog nightcrawlers

I’ve been feeling low, in a “nobody likes me, everybody hates me” kind of way. (You know that song?) I know it’s not true, just feelings. (Click here to read more or leave a comment on Lowly Worms)  Read More

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