Zipping By

This has been such a busy week, and Wednesday has already come – the day I would normally post on my blog. I haven’t had time for cooking adventures or for processing pictures this week. Instead, today I’m leaving a post that I wrote a few weeks ago. (Click here to read more or leave a comment on Zipping By)  Read More

How Wild Horses Dragged Us Together

Recently my husband and I had a bummer of a few days. We really needed an evening at home together. A night finally freed up for my husband… but then of course, I couldn’t be there. I had to take the older two kids to a class. I was just pulling out of the driveway when our horses escaped the paddock. With a fall nip in the air and some sprinkling rain, all five horses... Read More

Smile on the Horizon

A couple days ago my hyper-responsible older daughter burst inside yelling, “MOM! There’s a cow in the yard, and the baby is trying to go outside!” I peeked out the door and saw neither hide nor hair of cow. What I did see was the most marvelous light from the sunset… the kind of light that keeps reminding me, “You’re home.” I cajoled... Read More

The One Year Blogiversary (And a New Challenge)

One year ago, on September 9, 2010, I hit the “publish” button on my first post in the blogisphere. I was stuck in the mountains, getting ready to be snowed in for my third winter, nursing a baby for hours a day, and changing four sets of diapers. My only goal for the blog, besides not going nuts, was to learn to take better pictures of my kids. (Click here to read... Read More

Suns and Roses (Or, The Auto ISO Setting)

9blog rose2

Today I wanted to cover the latest super-secret beginner photography trick I’ve been using: Auto ISO in manual mode. But before I start rambling to myself about buttons and dials again, I want to reiterate (repeat? reinforce? relax… rejuvenate, reduce, reuse, recycle… sorry) that this is just my journal to keep myself going with learning something new. Now for... Read More

Sun Flare


I’m using Lightroom for the first time this week! I’m starting by using presets by One Willow. It makes things so much easier in the beginning – and I’m sure I’ll keep using them even after I’ve learned my way around Lightroom. The presets are truly beautiful. For iheartfaces this week, I took some pictures of my daughter standing in front of... Read More

iheartfaces Photo Challenge: Yellow


This week’s iheartfaces photo challenge is “yellow.” Spring sunshine makes this a great theme for this time of year! I’ve been seeing so many beautiful photos with sun flare lately, so I thought I’d give it a try. My two-year old daughter was a good sport about having her picture taken… as always! This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces... Read More

Making Use of Waiting Times

3blog bored

Yesterday I had to drive in to the hospital to sign some paperwork with my husband. (It was house stuff – we’re under contract now!) He was pulled in for a procedure right before I arrived. This happens, and it’s ok. Instead of wallowing in the crookedness of my front teeth for the next half hour, I picked up the camera and experimented with more manual exposure... Read More

Definition of Kissability


One day last week while the baby was sleeping I took advantage of his stillness to practice manual exposure again. His face was in the shadows, but I wasn’t about to move him! The foreground and back of his head are overexposed. In this picture, I’m happy with that. My younger daughter has started calling him “Bungee.” I have no idea where she got this,... Read More

A Spring Snowstorm for Learning Manual Focus


Every once in a while, my husband travels to the miniature version of the heroin capital of the U.S. to cover a weekend for the regular doctor there, God bless him. Some weekends he only needs to go in to the hospital a handful of times, so the kids and I drive up to spend time with him. Last weekend we had already visited him on Saturday. It was a wonderfully warm day, and we were... Read More

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