Born in a Barn

fuzzy calf 14 red calf at hay feeder

When my husband and I first married, he was the type to hike up Pike’s Peak, his chin-length blonde hair temporarily pulled out of the way, then come back down and strum a little guitar beneath the Rockies. After we got married, he started hunting and cattle ranching. When he takes up a new venture, he never does it in a small way. At the risk of being too honest… this... Read More

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Add an Engine

airplane 3a sunset

Almost at the end of our long drive home, the kids shrieked over two small airplanes descending across the highway… not that I would ever take pictures while driving… On a whim, we followed them to their hangar and then whipped around to Stearman Field, hoping to catch a couple planes making their last few flights before the weather turned bad. Among the airplane... Read More

Christmas Shopping, Redeemed

haitian apparent project ornament

An overwhelming abundance, prepared for us by those with next to nothing… It should have been the other way around. The two youngest kids and I attended our first fair trade party Tuesday afternoon. Have you been to one? “I know, it’s so much,” the hostess apologized, as we arrived to tables packed with jewelry, handbags, ornaments, scarves, gloves… A... Read More

Hypocritical Ladybugs

ladybug 5

Washing windows recently – a rare household task I enjoy, for the way it lets clean light in – I found I had company. The kids and I keep noticing ladybugs, both inside and outside. I even found one in a cabinet, scaling a coffee mug. This day, there were ladybugs on nearly every pane. I guessed they were inspecting the windows for spots, like tiny hypocrites. How... Read More

Getting Ahead of Thanksgiving

decorated Christmas cupcake

We tried to wait… We tried not to start celebrating Christmas until Thanksgiving was over… We didn’t quite make it. In my defense, I had promised the kids a cupcake decorating party. When I went to buy cupcake supplies… there was the Christmas baking display already, looking irresistibly festive. It’s a challenge, giving thanksgiving its due space... Read More

Thanksgiving for Remembering

Meg pilgrim hat 2

“Take a turkey out to lunch Let him sit right down and munch But don’t say a word to that silly old bird About… you know… Thanksgiving Day – Oops! I gave it away! Gobble, gobble, gobble!” Nutmeg danced around the living room a couple days ago, high on the song she had learned and the Pilgrim hat she had made at school. This is the first Pilgrim... Read More

Poem: Delivered

pregnant mom with son featured

The poem below was born out of my growing understanding of the threads woven through countless ancient stories and prophecies… like clues to hidden treasure. The mystery of rebirth must be one of the greatest hidden treasures ever. Where did Jesus get the concept of being “born of water and spirit” in John 3:5? How far back does the idea originate? This poem explores... Read More

The Child Who Was Promised: Seven Reasons for the Season


When I moved here, I was not able to read the Bible. Every time I tried, so many questions would pop into my mind that it was too frustrating to continue. For a while now, I’ve wanted to write about the reason I’ve started believing more fully then ever before that the Bible is true. If you’ve ever had doubts about the Christmas story, please take time to search... Read More

Photo Fall-Back


I have a zillion posts planned, but I seem to have a case of writer’s block after the star poem. There is forever a pull toward the status quo… Plus, I’ve been dealing with things like this: That was sour cream, intended for Thanksgiving Day mashed potatoes. How was your Thanksgiving?! It seems like I just posted a similar picture on my facebook page a couple... Read More

Poem: Of Stars and God


Under Dark Firmament I’ve known of you, like I know of stars: extant – ignored or adored – always there. No laughter ever between us was ours; just this wonder-filled longing I bear. Did you seek me? Were you there to be found? Bewildering discovery: you hovering near. My unbelief cracking, I tiptoed around you Everlasting, I in my fear. You let me watch you (as... Read More