Infertility Post #10: Happy Ending

Here we are at the end! This is where it gets a little crazy. As in… were these events just a coincidence, or…?? If you’re up for finding meaning in “coincidence” (with a couple of goats thrown in), please read on. Almost-seven years is a long time to go through infertility. By the time I neared the end, I was becoming confused and frustrated by stories with happy endings – probably because I had no way of knowing... Read More

Infertility Post #9: The Year Things Fell Apart

I will be so glad to have these posts finished! And we’re almost there! This is the second to last one, with a happy ending just around the corner. I never imagined it would take a whole year to get through this. After a year of unsuccessful treatments at the reproductive endocrinologist’s clinic, we were burned out and broke. The RE had given us a discount, but there were still enormous bills. We were facing IVF as a next step, and we... Read More

Infertility Post 8: A Controversial Topic

 Read More

Mother’s Day for Mama Mabel

The calf from last week’s post is still alive, but not without a good deal of blood, sweat, tears, and vet expenses. “He’s a dandy,” an old cattle rancher told us. Translation: he’s a big, fine-looking calf. But he wouldn’t nurse. We don’t know why. He was separated from his mother for a short time. Maybe he couldn’t nurse, or maybe he was traumatized. Then his mother, in pain, wouldn’t let... Read More

Infertility Post 7: Considering Adoption

In the second year of our marriage, my husband and I took a foster care training class together. First we planned to take foster children in need of temporary homes. Later, after our biological children were older, we hoped everything would fall into place to adopt a child. We didn’t go into this plan entirely uninformed. My husband is the oldest of five siblings. When he was a teen, his parents began taking foster children into their home.... Read More

Infertility Post Six: Being Childlike Without Children

By the time my husband reached his residency years, we had been through four years of infertility. Or five, if you count the year I realized that home pregnancy tests were a malicious conspiracy. 😉 I finally had gone to an Ob/Gyn a few months prior to residency. (Click here to read more or leave a comment on Infertility Post Six: Being...)  Read More

Infertility: Dr. Debbie versus the Rhinosaurs

After I gave up on purely spiritual and/or natural remedies for infertility, I decided to pursue medical treatment with greater dedication. My husband was still in medical school, and we barely knew the treatments for anemia versus hyperprolactinemia. Still leaning toward the natural/spiritual side, I picked a doctor who, unfortunately, was not exceptionally competent. It took only skimming a medical text to see that: (Click here to read more or... Read More

Infertility Post Four: Losing Control

If I had known from the beginning how long we’d deal with infertility, I might have made a conscious decision (Click here to read more or leave a comment on Infertility Post Four: Losing...)  Read More

Protected: Hesitation…

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Infertility Post Three: Sharing Burdens of Grief

We moved four times in the first seven years of our marriage. Moving while going through infertility treatments had some advantages. Some days, like Hannah in the Bible, I probably looked like I was hung over from crying myself to sleep the night before! When friends inquired, I always felt reluctant to admit that I was still sad about the same thing, and that no, it wasn’t getting any better. Although I had support from long-time, long-distance... Read More

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