Preparing to Move


Last week my parents and one of my husband’s brothers came for several days to help me get a head start on packing. The guys would have liked more “manly” things to do, beyond changing the oil in the tractor and running errands, but they were good sports about how much I needed someone just to watch the kids so I could string two thoughts together and make thousands... Read More

On the Heavy Side of Life: House Hunting and Adoption Issues


I had another post planned for today, but levity doesn’t seem to be the order of the day. My husband grew up as the oldest of five siblings. After he left for college, his parents adopted another sibling group of five, plus a sixth foster child who was living with them and who became available for adoption at the same time. Several years later, they added the seventh, a little... Read More

Bucket Lists and Checklists: Our Vacation


As promised, I have vacation pictures for you! I blew it on the book review, though. I’m slowly learning never to promise anything to anyone in April and May; they’re by far the busiest months of the year for my family. This vacation could be called “Checklists and Bucket Lists.” My husband’s parents have had, “Take the Family on a Cruise”... Read More

Monster Cookies!


Annie is posting for Calamitous Cook this week. A couple weeks ago, my sister-in-law Megan came down for the day. We had tons of fun just hanging out together, and meanwhile, made the most ridiculous portion of cookies I’ve ever seen! Just the ingredients! To name a few: a whole dozen eggs, 3 pounds of peanut butter, and 15 cups of oatmeal! It all started because Megan and... Read More

Seedlings and Basic Carpentry for Cold Frame Prep


Happy Thursday, Everyone! Spirits are high in Central Kansas this week. Spring’s drizzling rains finally gave way to its cheery sunshine and everyone seems to walk around with a “spring” in his step. This week (and last) I have been living with my parents so that I could finish out state testing at the elementary school where I work. This Friday, I will move to our new house,... Read More

Seedlings at the Kitchen Table


I planned, prepared, and sat down to write my blog this week. I was ready to start the post with something along the lines of “Directions on How and When to Plant Indoor Seedlings.” It was designed to impart to my readers my vast (ha!) knowledge of the varying qualities of potting soils, proper moisture for germination, and even a few invaluable tips on window placement and... Read More

Close to Eden


As I was thinking about my beginnings in gardening, I suddenly felt an acute empathy for so many people in my life who claim that they simply “don’t have a green thumb.” Most of them use stories of pathetic, wilted, porch-grown tomato plants and neglected, forgotten, (and thus) deceased herb pots as evidence of their lack of the “gardening gene.” I believe my empathy comes... Read More

The Winter Gardener


I am beyond thrilled to introduce my brilliant younger sister for a new series of blog posts! We may have to come up with a new blog name… Any ideas?? We have reached new heights of winter denial. My sister (following more than one family tradition) is writing about gardening, and I am typing her words as a four-foot drift continues to grow outside my back door. I think... Read More



Family holidays are full of activities – so full that I am splitting this into two posts (gift opening is here). Today some of us hit the ski slopes while the rest took the younger kids to the aquarium. Those are pictures to post another time… Yesterday we cozied up at home, riding horses, making plaster handprints, playing games, snuggling kids. My younger sister’s... Read More



The thing I like most about gift-giving is the uniqueness in all the personalities and interests… from the choice of wrapping paper… retro wrapping to the gifts that were on the wish lists… vintage (taken by my sister) never old to the complete surprises that were sure to be a hit… budding ballerina boat builder boy+train=total absorption It even shows up... Read More

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